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pointofgfitriane replied to your photo: experimenting #girl #hijab #purple #selfies…

gue rasa efek gacin nih jadi cakep hwahahahhhaha

hus jangan bawa-bawa gacin. hahahahahah

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new haircut. is it too short? #selfpotrait #haircut #hair #girl #personal (Taken with Instagram)

this is the place i really miss during college holiday:

and these are the activities what i miss during college time:

a.k.a holiday. yeah i have ironic life

me and henni :3

how i miss you so much, @dirssein, @salsallya. totally miss that old days! :’)

they said, home is where you can be yourself

they said, home is where you will feel safe in it

they said, home is where you feel comfortable with the people in it.

but what if I do not feel like what they said?

what if i dont feel accepted in it?

what if i was not being myself when i was in it?

what if i feel insecure when i was in it?

dear coldplay, you said that "lights will guide you home",

but if i dont have it, then where are these lights will guide me?

well there’s some tasks i should do, but my laziness and this boredom attack didn’t allow me to do my task. 

toally bored. i don’t even wanna hang around with some friends because of this laziness.

put some questions in my askbox. i’ll answer it. ask for promo or whatever. i really bored.


just sorted into gryffrindor

dear a,

happy 20th birthday to you! alhamdulillah Allah still give you live until this far. it must be a greatest gift that He ever gave to you. now you’ve entered young adult-phase. you’re not a teenager again. i know you still not ready yet, but you should be more mature than you have ever been. because time goes so fast, and you might not realize it.

what i hope for you is still to be yourself. i’m glad you’re being yourself this far. you have your own identity, you create things that others will follow (not you who follow others). and i hope you’ve decide what will you do in future. because as i told you, time passes so quickly. and i don’t want you too late to deciding what you want to do.

and about this day.. whoa, you really have a very very great friends! they planned some birthday prank to celebrate your birthday. you should be so thankful that you have friends like that. so many congratulations that you received today. you must be very grateful to God for giving you family and friends who loves you, like you love them so.

and AK, thank you for congratulating her. although the words was short and nothing special, for her it’s special because it comes from you. 

so, a, once again, happy birthday to you. and it means happy birthday to me too