hello ! this tumblr might be not too active since i got bored on this lol. but bear with me, i link this tumblr with my instagram and soundcloud account.
xoxo, auliaz
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well.. i’m in the second week of my middle-term test, which i should study now, but as usual, internet get jealous and push me to tumblring  instead of study -______-

a little bit blue-mood. i just feel… lonely. this is the first time i feel this feeling in this city. maybe i miss my hometown, i miss the life i had before, and… i miss being loved by someone.

i’m not that girl-who-easily-get-boyfriend-after-break-up or that girl-who-easily-get-the-boy-whenever-she-want type, that’s why i’m still single until now: i don’t fall in love easily. don’t mean to make the highest wall for boys, but that is, sometimes i don’t believe that there’s boy who fall for me. 

well… i know it’s kinda cheesy :|

i thought i totally miss being loved and the life i had before.

sorry i fill your dash with this cheesy post. i just wanna share this on my blog :3